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DimAb® B cell seed libraries

What are DimAb®B cell libraries?
DimAb®B cell seed libraries are a pool of frozen B cells separated from positive immunized rabbits, which have been pre-validated by FACS as positive binders to the specific antigen proteins. Most of the libraries have also been used for the screening of lead mAbs molecules by our internal R&D team or customers. The molecules prepared from DimAb®B cell libraries have shown diverse CDR sequences and good druggability in the downstream testing results. Each library should contain many potential binders for the drug discovery.   

Key Features:
• Pre-made B cell libraries containing diverse FACS binders for every target protein
• Quick freezing in liquid nitrogen after PBMC isolation to prevent injury to the cells and keep the diversity of the original B cells. 
• Risk free, no binder no payment
• Save your time for lead molecule discovery, skip the immunization and early screening steps (3~4 months). 
• Two steps validation: 

    - Polyclonal antibody validation of immunized rabbit serum as specific binders to the target proteins. 
    - Functionally validated to be capable to screen for FACS binder for lead mAbs molecules discovery.

DimAb® B cell seed libraries

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