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Anti-mesothelin antibody(DM72), Rabbit mAb

Product Overview
Clone ID DM72
Immunogen Recombinant human mesothelin (Glu296-Gly580) (PME100031) produced by using human HEK293 cells
Buffer Preservative: 0.1% Procline 300
Constituents: 50% Glycerol; PBS,pH 7.4; 0.1% BSA
Catalog Number DME100072
Package 10 μl $60.00 ; 100 μl $398.00
Synonyms MSLN, Mesothelin, MPF
Host Species Rabbit
IgG type Rabbit IgG
Clonality Monoclonal
Formulation Liquid
Purification Purified from cell culture supernatant by affinity chromatography
Reactivity Human
Applications ELISA,Flow Cyt
Recommended Dilutions ELISA 1/5000-10000;Flow Cyt  1/100
Storage Store at -20°C for 12 months (Avoid repeated freezing and thawing)
Usage Research use only


Figure 1. ELISA plate pre-coated by 2 μg/ml (100 μl/well) Human MSLN protein, mFc-His tagged protein (PME100031) can bind Rabbit anti-MSLN monoclonal antibody (clone: DM72) in a linear range of 1-100 ng/ml.


Figure 2. Expi 293 cell line transfected with irrelevant protein (A) and human mesothelin (B) were surface stained with Rabbit anti-MSLN monoclonal antibody 1μg/ml (clone: DM72) followed by Alexa 488-conjugated anti-rabbit IgG secondary antibody.


Figure 3. Flow cytometry data of serially titrated Rabbit anti-MSLN monoclonal antibody (clone: DM72) on Hela cells. The Y-axis represents the mean fluorescence intensity (MFI) while the X-axis represents the concentration of IgG used.


Figure 4. Affinity ranking of different Rabbit anti-MSLN mAb clones by titration of different concentration onto Hela cells. The Y-axis represents the mean fluorescence intensity (MFI) while the X-axis represents the concentration of IgG used.

Background This gene encodes a preproprotein that is proteolytically processed to generate two protein products, megakaryocyte potentiating factor and mesothelin. Megakaryocyte potentiating factor functions as a cytokine that can stimulate colony formation of bone marrow megakaryocytes. Mesothelin is a glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored cell-surface protein that may function as a cell adhesion protein. This protein is overexpressed in epithelial mesotheliomas, ovarian cancers and in specific squamous cell carcinomas. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants, at least one of which encodes an isoform that is proteolytically processed.
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