DimAb® - Revolutionizing Monoclonal Antibody Development

DimAb® – Pioneering Monoclonal Antibody Innovation

DimAb® recombinant monoclonal antibody development platform represents a groundbreaking advancement in the realm of monoclonal antibody research and production. In contrast to traditional hybridoma-based approaches, DimAb® offers a range of distinctive advantages that are reshaping the field.

Key Features

1. Direct IgG Gene Sequencing:

– DimAb® allows for the direct acquisition of IgG gene sequences from immunoreactive B cells.
– Eliminates the need for labor-intensive hybridoma fusion processes.

2. Abundance of Immunoreactive B Cell Clones:

– Our platform easily isolates over 1000 immunoreactive B cell clones from a single immunized animal.
– This extensive pool enhances the screening potential for monoclonal antibodies.

3. Enhanced Success Rate:

– DimAb® boasts a significantly higher success rate for downstream applications compared to traditional hybridoma platforms.
– Increased likelihood of identifying antibodies with exceptional specificity, sensitivity, and affinity.

4. Direct Editing and Optimization:

– With direct access to IgG genes, we can edit, optimize, and identify antibodies for various downstream applications.
– Enables processes like humanization of antibodies, affinity maturation, and cell line construction.

5. Species Flexibility:

– DimAb® is not bound by the availability of myeloma fusion partners.
– Offers the possibility of monoclonal antibody development from different animal species.

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Unlocking New Possibilities:

With the DimAb® platform, we introduce a unique solution for antigens with high homology and weak immunogenicity. By employing various host species for immunization, DimAb® transcends limitations and opens doors to previously challenging targets.

Optimized Development:

DimAb® platform has been fine-tuned for the high-throughput development of recombinant monoclonal antibodies derived from rabbits and mice. At DIMA, we are committed to driving innovation, expanding possibilities, and delivering excellence in antibody development.

Platform Flow

Comparison between DimAb® Platform and Hybridoma Platform

FeaturesDimAb® mAb PlatformHybridoma mAb Platform
Success RateHigh project success rate(80-90%)Low project success rate(50%)
Storage modeThe antibody gene sequence is directly obtained for easy storage and transmission.Hybridoma cell preservation is costly, demanding extensive liquid nitrogen and storage equipment.
Screening efficiencyEvery antibody-secreting B cell can be screened and isolated in theory.Fusion efficiency limits stable B cell clone formation.
Antibody qualityRecombinant antibody with DNA sequence availableHybridoma cell instability risks gene loss.
Diverse animal mAbsObtain recombinant mAbs from various species.Mouse mAbs widely available due to IP.
Preparation processRapid process, direct antibody gene retrieval.Hybridoma antibodies are unstable; gene cloning required for cell line stability
Animal ethicsNo need to kill animalsNeed to sacrifice animal to obtain splenocytes