Overview of recombinant monoclonal antibody development platform

DimAb® recombinant monoclonal antibody development platform is considered as a technology revolution for monoclonal antibody development. Compared with traditional hybridoma based monoclonal antibody development platform, this new technology platform can directly obtain IgG gene sequences from immunoreactive B cells without the need of hybridoma fusion. From our data, we can easily isolate more than 1000 immunoreactive B cell clones from a single immunized animal. The success rate for downstream application is far higher than the traditional hybridoma platform.

With large number of positive clones, it will give us better chance to screen out monoclonal antibodies with high specificity, high sensitivity and high affinity. Because we can directly obtain IgG genes, we can also directly edit, optimize and identify antibodies for downstream applications, such as humanization of antibody, affinity maturation, construction of cell lines, etc.

Since the DimAb® preparation process is no longer dependent on the availability of myeloma fusion partner, there is a possibility of developing monoclonal antibody from different kinds of animal species. With this technology, DimAb® will offer a unique solution for those antigens with high homology and weak immunogenicity by using different host for immunization. At present, we have optimized the high throughput developmental process on rabbit and mouse derived recombinant monoclonal antibodies.

DimAb® recombinant monoclonal antibody preparation platform

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Platform Flow

Advantage Comparison

Comparison Between DimAb® Platform and Hybridoma Platform

Comparison ItemsDimAb® antibody preparation platformHybridoma Platform
Success RateHigh project success rate(80-90%)Low project success rate(50%)
Storage modeThe antibody gene sequence is obtained directly, and the antibody information is easy to store and transmitThe cost of hybridoma cell preservation is very high, which requires a lot of liquid nitrogen and cell storage equipment
Screening efficiencyIn theory, every antibody secretion B cells can be screened and isolatedThe fusion efficiency of hybridoma is a limiting factor, and many B cells cannot form stable fusion clones
Antibody qualityRecombinant antibody with DNA sequence availableHybridoma cells are unstable, which may lead to the loss of antibody genes
Availability of mAbs from different kinds of animal speciesRecombinant mAbs from different kinds of animal species can be obtainedDue to intellectual property, only mouse monoclonal antibodies are widely avialble
Preparation processThe preparation process is fast and antibody genes can be obtained directlyThe quality and stability of antibodies secrected from hybridoma cells are highly unstable. It is necessary to clone antibody gene alone to establish cell lines
Animal ethicsNo need to kill animalsNeed to sacrifice animal to obtain splenocytes