DimAb® Lead mAb molecules

DIMA Biotech has been committed to the development and production of proteins and antibodies with a focus on the cancer therapies targets. We provide a one-stop service for the early antibody drugs discovery and accelerate the whole drug development process.

Instead of screening your own antibodies, you can directly get antibodies from the DimAb® libraries with verified FC binding data, carry out the in-vitro and in-vivo functional validations, and choose the right molecules for large amount antibody productions, which reduces the risk and time for your research and development.

At present, DIMA has developed B cell seed libraries and the corresponding pilot antibody molecules for around 300+ targets for blood tumor, immune checkpoints and solid tumors. All targets have human-rabbit chimeric antibodies, and 30+ targets have completed humanization antibodies developed by our DiLibrary display platform.

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