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    CAR-T Lead Antibody Molecules

    A good lead antibody molecule is crucial to ensure the efficacy and safety of CAR-T cells in clinical applications. DIMA Biotech has established a complete screening platform for CAR-T lead antibody molecules. We have a range of advanced technologies, in vitro and in vivo assays to identify and optimize the best candidate antibody molecules for CAR-T therapy. Our approach has been successful in developing good CAR-T lead molecules for various cancer targets. We are constantly working to expand our capabilities and bring more innovative solutions to the field of cancer immunotherapy.  As of today, we have developed 5000+ pre-stocked and pre-validated mAb molecules against 300+ drug targets. Some of them have already entered clinical trial phase. 


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    Platform Advantages

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    CAR Targets Under Development

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    Case Studies

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    Flow analysis for CAR molecule affinity

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    Characterization of CAR T cell expansion and cancer cell killing efficacy during In Vitro assay

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    In Vivo efficacy experiment in mouse