DIMA Biotechnology LLC

DIMA Biotechnology LLC. is a top biotech company specializing in preclinical research and development solutions for the Biopharma industry. We offer a wide range of pre-designed and validated antibody molecules for early-stage drug development, perfectly tailored to the research needs of BioPharma companies.

Our extensive portfolio includes over 5,000 readily available lead antibody molecules designed for approximately 400 drug targets. Each of these molecules comes with verified sequences and validation data. In the coming years, we aim to develop lead antibodies for all potential drug targets, reaffirming our commitment to speeding up antibody-based drug discovery for BioPharma companies through our antibodies and flexible partnership options.

Throughout our journey, we’ve been dedicated to innovating and optimizing various technologies for antibody-based drug development. Here’s a brief overview of our cutting-edge platforms:

  • DiMPro™ Membrane Protein Platform: We specialize in expressing and purifying membrane proteins using mammalian cells. Our extensive inventory comprises over 1,000 functional proteins, including 500+ active full-length multi-pass membrane proteins. We offer five distinct solutions for multi-pass transmembrane proteins, such as GPCRs and ion channels: Membrane Nanoparticle (MNP), Virus-Like Particle (VLP), Exosome (EXO), Detergent, and Synthetic Nanodisc.
  • DimAb® Single B-Cell Antibody Discovery Platform: Our DimAb® B cell library enables customers to access over 10,000 positive hits in just one month.
  • DiLibrary™ Mammalian Display Antibody Engineering Platform: Our proprietary platform excels in antibody humanization, affinity maturation, and other engineering applications. Antibodies engineered through this system demonstrate superior developability compared to those produced by phage or yeast display platforms.
  • DiAssayTM Antibody Evaluation Platform: We offer a range of screening processes to help drug developers identify the ideal hit molecules for their specific antibody drug modalities. We’ve developed three distinct platforms suitable for Bispecific Antibodies (BsAbs), Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs), and Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell Therapies (CAR-T).

At DIMA Biotechnology, our enduring mission is to empower the BioPharma sector with advanced solutions, promoting innovation and expediting the development of life-changing therapies.