Technology Platform

DimAb®Therapeutic Lead Antibody Molecules

DIMA biotech has generated hundreds of the target specific B cell seed libraries and rabbit monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) against various druggable targets. All mAbs are fully sequenced and validated by FACs and ELISA assays. Biopharmaceutical customers can directly analyze the druggability of these pre-developed and validated mAbs molecules to accelerate the progress of their drug discovery. They don’t need to go through the high-risk and time-consuming lead molecules discovery stage internally or count on CRO companies for the screening of lead molecules.  

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Rabbit DimAb® Development Platform

Compared with the traditional monoclonal antibody preparation platform for hybridoma, we do not need to carry out hybridoma fusion. We can directly obtain positive B cells from peripheral blood of immunized animals after immunization and sequence the gene of monoclonal antibody. More than 1000 positive B cell clones can be obtained from a single immunized animal, and the overall positive clone rate is much higher than that of the traditional hybridoma platform.  

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Membrane Protein Expression & Purification

DIMA uses HEK293 mammalian cell expression system to produce many druggable proteins especially membrane proteins. This will not only ensure the authentic posttranslational modifications from mammalian cells, but also have a high chance of obtaining proteins in good solubility and correct folding under standard buffer system. In addition to active ECD-Fc fusion proteins, DIMA now offers 5 platforms for the full-length multipass transmembrane proteins including Membrane Nanoparticle (MNP), Virus-Like Particle (VLP), Exosome (EXO), Detergent and Synthetic Nanodisc.



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Products and Services

Custom Protein Service

  • Extracellular Domain (ECD)
  • Membrane Nanoparticle (MNP)
  • Virus-Like Particle (VLP)
  • Exosome (EXO)
  • Detergent
  • Synthetic Nanodisc

DimAb® mAb service

  • Immunization
  • Screening
  • Humanization
  • CAR-T evaluation

DiLibrary™ antibody humanization & affinity maturation

  • Mammalian cell display platform
  • One step humanization with affinity & developability assessments
  • Fast delivery -48 days for humanization and affinity maturation
  • High affinity retention & Humanness level with low cost ($20K~$40K)