Anti-Payload and Anti-linker Antibodies

Take your ADC studies to the next level with DIMA’s advanced antibodies designed for Anti-Payload and Anti-Linker applications. Our high-affinity anti-payload antibodies, specific to critical payloads like DM-1, DXD, SN38, MMAE, and more, ensure precise evaluation of ADC pharmacokinetics. Gain valuable insights into linker stability with our anti-linker antibodies, optimizing ADC design for enhanced therapeutic efficacy. You can also simplify your workflow with our convenient conjugate service. Trust DIMA Biotech for cutting-edge solutions in ADC research and development.

Antibodies against ADC Payloads and Linkers

Target TypeTargetsCatalog No.Description
Antibodies against ADC PayloadsMMAE DME101003
Anti-MMAE antibody(8B4); Rabbit mAb
DME101004Anti-MMAE antibody(8C4); Rabbit mAb
DME101005Anti-MMAE antibody(9C4); Rabbit mAb
DME101006Anti-MMAE antibody(11B2); Rabbit mAb
DME101007Anti-MMAE antibody(11C8); Rabbit mAb
Dxd DME101024 Anti-Dxd antibody(1A1); Rabbit mAb
DME101025 Anti-Dxd antibody(1A5); Rabbit mAb
DME101026 Anti-Dxd antibody(1A12); Rabbit mAb
DME101027 Anti-Dxd antibody(1E6); Rabbit mAb
SN38 DME101020 Anti-SN38 antibody(1G1); Rabbit mAb
Antibodies against ADC LinkerCL2A (ADC linker)DME101021Anti-CL2A(ADC linker) antibody(1H6); Rabbit mAb
DME101022Anti-CL2A(ADC linker) antibody(1G9); Rabbit mAb
DME101023Anti-CL2A(ADC linker) antibody(1H2); Rabbit mAb