Gene Overexpression Stable Cell Lines

DIMA offers 100+ gene overexpression cell line products targeting diverse objectives, derived from K562, 293T, CHO, Jurkat, and more. As a committed cell product provider, we focus on delivering exceptional solutions to our clients. Our cell lines have proven effective in lead antibody preclinical validations. With our ready-made cell lines and customizable production service, we guarantee to fulfill your research requirements, whether in early-stage antibody validation or other areas, driving success in your endeavors.


Catalog NumberTargetHost CellsProduct Name
CEL100010SSTR2K562Hu_SSTR2 K562 Cell Line
CEL100009CDH17K562Hu_CDH17 K562 Cell Line
CEL100008MesothelinK562Hu_MSLN K562 Cell Line
CEL100007CD70K562Hu_CD70 K562 Cell Line
CEL100006CD48K562Hu_CD48 K562 Cell Line
CEL100005EGFRK562Hu_EGFR K562 Cell Line
CEL100004FAPK562Hu_FAP K562 Cell Line
CEL1000035T4K562Hu_5T4 K562 Cell Line
CEL100002BCMAK562Hu_BCMA K562 Cell Line
CEL100001GPRC5DK562Hu_GPRC5D K562 Cell Line


DIMA offers comprehensive stable cell line services tailored to your needs. Our experienced team utilizes cutting-edge techniques to generate stable cell lines expressing your gene of interest with high efficiency and reliability. From construct generation to stable cell clone selection and gene expression evaluation, we provide end-to-end solutions to streamline your workflow and accelerate your research.

Our Services Include:

  • Construct Generation: Construct your gene of interest into lentiviral vectors. Production of high-titer lentivirus for efficient transduction.
  • Stable Cell Clones Selection: Transduction followed by selection to obtain stable cell clones.
  • Evaluation: Evaluation of gene expression in stable cell clones using various assays.
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    Case Study

    GPRC5D has become a focal point in cancer and immunology research, drawing substantial industry interest. At DIMA Biotechnology, we offer essential tools for exploring its potential, including functional proteins and specialized antibodies. To facilitate preliminary screening before in vivo testing, we’ve developed stable cell lines overexpressing GPRC5D. These cell lines serve as crucial tools for evaluating candidate antibodies, streamlining the selection process for further in vivo or clinical investigations. Through our commitment to innovation, we aim to expedite therapeutic research in this promising field.

    fc-cel100001 h gprc5d k562 cell line flow


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