December 6, 2023 Time: 7:00 AM CST

Revolutionizing Drug Development: Synthetic Nanodiscs

Unlock the Potential of ‘Undruggable’ Membrane Proteins

Sponsored by: DIMA Biotech



Dr. Donghui Ma

Founder and CEO of DIMA Biotechnology LTD



Date: December 6, 2023
Time: 7:00 AM CST
Most FDA-approved therapeutic drugs target transmembrane proteins, yet the development of monoclonal antibodies for multi-transmembrane protein targets has been limited. Despite the abundance of potential drug targets in this category, the challenge lies in obtaining water-soluble, bioactive, and monodisperse forms of these proteins. While various technologies such as detergent screening, virus-like particles (VLPs), and liposome-based approaches have seen limited success, multi-span transmembrane proteins continue to present formidable obstacles for drug developers and scientists.
Enter the Nanodisc—a game-changing technology in membrane protein research. By employing a group of amphiphilic molecules, including lipoproteins and amphipols, cell membranes can be disassembled into nanoscale disc-shaped structures, with the membrane protein at the center, surrounded by lipid bilayers and amphiphilic molecules. This unique structure enables the purification of membrane proteins to high homogeneity under aqueous conditions, making Nanodisc technology one of the most promising platforms for membrane protein research.
DIMA Biotech has pioneered an innovative polymer-based Nanodisc platform. Unlike traditional membrane scaffold proteins (MSPs) based platforms, DIMA’s Nanodisc complex omits MSPs, resulting in a cleaner system with fewer interferences for downstream assays. In this presentation, we will delve into the intricacies of our technology, present compelling examples, and demonstrate how Nanodiscs empower the functional characterization of multi-span transmembrane proteins in their active form. Join us to explore the future of membrane protein research and drug development with Synthetic Nanodiscs
Learning Objectives
  • Discover the key advantages of Synthetic Nanodiscs when compared to traditional membrane protein preparation methods. 
  • Learn how to leverage Synthetic Nanodiscs in antibody drug discovery. 
  • Explore applications of Nanodisc technology in membrane protein research and drug development. 
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