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    We have various technologies for antibody-based drug development. Here is a summary of our platforms:

    1. DiMProTM membrane protein platform: Use mammalian cells to express and purify membrane proteins. We have over 1000 on-shelf functional proteins, out of which, 50+ are active full-length multi-pass membrane proteins. For multi-pass transmembrane proteins, such as GPCRs and ion channels, we have five different solutions, i.e., Membrane Nanoparticle (MNP), Virus-Like Particle (VLP), Exosome (EXO), Detergent and Nanodisc.

    2. DimAb® single B-cell antibody discovery platform: Our DimAb® B cell library can help customers easily obtain over 10,000 positive hits in as short as a month’s time.

    3. DiLibraryTM mammalian display antibody engineering platform: A proprietary platform works great for antibody humanization, affinity maturation and other engineering applications. The developability of Ab molecules engineered from this system is much better than Abs from phage or yeast display platforms.