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The entire process of Single B Cell Cloing Technology consists of five main steps, including B cell collection, single B cell screening, antibody gene sequencing and analysis, recombinant antibody expression, and antibody function validation.

Understanding Single B Cell Cloning Technology in One Read

Antibody drugs, due to their high specificity and significant therapeutic effects, possess superior pharmacokinetic properties, making them a crucial player in the biopharmaceutical market. According to Frost & Sullivan’s statistical predictions, the global antibody drug market is expected to reach $443.1 billion by 2030. As the demand for antibody drugs continues to grow, the development […]

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Collection of endocytosis pathways utilized by the target antigens for the currently approved ADCs

Unlocking the Secrets of Antibody-Drug Conjugates: Inside the World of Antibody Internalization

Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) mainly consist of monoclonal antibodies, linkers, and cytotoxic payloads. The antibody, acting as the “missile” in ADC drugs, possesses target-specific functionality. It can selectively recognize tumor cell surface antigens, undergo internalization upon binding to these antigens, and deliver the cytotoxic payload to tumor cells to exert its toxic effects. Since not all […]

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The structures of diverse CAR molecules

Unraveling the Mystery of ‘Million-Dollar’ CAR-T Therapy

In 2012, a young girl named Emily Whitehead, suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, became the first child to undergo second-generation CD19 CAR-T cell therapy by Dr. Carl June, a scientist in Pennsylvania. Her successful treatment marked a historic milestone in the world of medicine. It brought “CAR-T cell immunotherapy,” a revolutionary approach in the fight […]

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The service process of DiLibrary mammalian display platform for antibody engineering

Unlocking the Potential of Mammalian Cell Display in Antibody Drug Innovation

In 1986, the world’s first monoclonal therapeutic drug, Orthoclone (OKT3), was approved by the FDA for its use in preventing rejection reactions during organ transplantation. Since then, antibody drugs have started gaining traction and incited an increasing number of research in this area. By the end of January 2023, the FDA has approved 119 antibody […]

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The structure of MSP-Nanodisc (left) and Synthetic Nanodisc (right)

Synthetic Nanodisc, A Promising Solution for “Undruggable” Membrane Proteins

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