Summer Promotion-Popular drug target proteins

DIMABIO Summer Price

Summer is coming…

In order to appreciate customers’ attention on DIMABIO, we offer 50% OFF on selective Extracellular Domain (ECD) protein products.

Feature Targets


Advantages of DIMA ECD

  • HEK293 expression system, optimal preservation of protein structure
  • Serum-free culture system, low endotoxin
  • Freeze-dried storage, high stability
  •  Optimize the process, small batch-to-batch variance
High purity determined by SDS-PAGE
  • High Purity: >95% determined by SDS-PAGE
stability test at 37° for 3 days
  • Excellent Stability: No obvious variations in protein activity after 3 days at 37°C
Functional ELISA diagram
  • Good Activity: the binding of ligand and receptor determined by functional ELISA

1. Activity time: 2023.07.01-2023.09.01;
2. This activity is for end users only;
3. This event is only for some ECD protein products with 100μg specification on the official website, please inquire for larger specifications;
4. This event is not shared with other offers;
5. The right of final interpretation of this activity belongs to DIMA Biotechnology Ltd.